Name: Beatrix Icehammer

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 22nd February

Primary Element: Ice

Secondary Element: Earth


  • Warhammer


Beatrix was now developing her powers when her parents were killed in a dispute for the throne to the Cei. They were one of the factions that opposed Queen Khione’s ascension to the throne and for their ambition, they were slain. The Icehammer legacy was passed onto Beatrix before their demise and her true weapon manifested itself into the family’s namesake weapon, a Warhammer. After her parents’ demise she was sent to another noble family within Cei to live where she met Winter and they became close friends.

Beatrix is hubristic, energetic and also respectful. She was taken in as a personal protégé to Alyssa and studied diligently under her tutelage. She learnt much more than how to fight from Alyssa, she learnt things such as poise, elegance and grace, which a trueborn princess such that Alyssa was, had naturally.

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