Name: Winter Dracona

Age: 18

Date of Birth: 25th December

Primary Element: Ice

Secondary Element: Lava


  • Neige
  • Glacius


Winter is a high-born lady and only daughter to the Dracona family. Her family is a very proud one and so they enrolled their daughter in Eden’s Academy for Gifted Arians in the hopes that she would excel there and bring glory to her family. Winter is very close with Beatrix Icehammer, who was orphaned amidst the conflicts in Cei and came to live with the Dracona family when she was very young.

Winter carries herself with an air of importance and is usually cold with anyone initially. However, once you were friends with her, she became rather amiable. She is someone you can rely on and her loyalty to her friends is second only to her loyalty to her family.

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