The Planets of Aria


The planet associated with lava. Usually overcast with red skies, Aval is not habitable by Arians or humans. Some demons can withstand the harsh conditions of the planet, however most would be susceptible to its poisonous air and extreme heat. This is the planet in which Michael, Angel of Fire, sowed his strength and created Gan-el the immortal guardian of Aria. The landscape of Aval is mostly scattered with volcanoes which are constantly erupting. As a result of this there are very few bodies of water on the planet. The land formed by the numerous volcanoes is black. There are no cave systems in Aval, as most of the underground contain large magma deposits.


The planet of fire is habitable. Feir mostly has sunny days and quite rarely do they get rain. Arians of the fire element usually reside here, as well as some humans. Feir has sixteen continents in all and are each ruled by different jarls. The capital of Feir is Ignis and King Aera Mulciber rules over Feir. The cities of the fire planet are usually littered with stone buildings. Most cities in Feir are built near bodies of water as most of the terrain are deserts. The people of Feir are excellent glass blowers, as they have quite an abundance of sand. Glass is one of the main exports of Feir to other planets. Other exports include mercenaries, smelting (they offer to melt down certain materials which other planets cannot), high-quality weaponries (their forges burn brightest and can create much better weapons than other planets). At the beginning of the first book, internal wars have erupted in Feir over the appointment of a new King. Most of the people don’t recognize Mulciber as their King and therefore every nobleman feels as if he deserves to rule over Feir. Feir is also bred with fierce warriors which makes their armies dangerous and coveted by those in need of strong forces. The fighting in Feir is a target of Eden’s schemes, if he can get a ruler who bends to his will then he shall have a powerful army at his side.


Sanguis, which is connected to the demonic element, Sikkhe, known in the common tongue as the Blood element, is not habitable. The planet is plagued by poisonous gaseous thunderclouds that are as red as blood. The planet is home only to extremely rare types of demons and vampiric flora and fauna.


Tligh is the most modern of all the planets. Inventors and highly skilled engineers reside on Tligh, creating a futuristic city. Buildings are erected using steel and glass, railways carrying trains run under the city, the roads are paved with pitch, however no lines are drawn on it for Arians and the humans living on Tligh do not favor them. Instead metal horses and high-tech carriages roam these roads. Tligh has four continents in all, and most are very large as this is the largest planet of the eighteen. The cities are the largest and the planet has the largest population compared to any in Aria. However, as a result the planet is suffering from overpopulation. Relying on other planets for support at the moment, Tligh has a shortage of food to provide for its people. This is because of their insatiable desire to expand their cities. The effect has been mass deforestation and attempts at growing food artificially. However, these attempts have not been fruitful (no pun intended). The king of Tligh is Sol’Argo Desul. Tligh is mostly sunny, however they are subjected to more rain than is norm in Feir. The capital of Tligh is Envitatem ce Lux.


The smallest of the eighteen planets, Fulgur only has one supercontinent and is habitable. This planet is associated with lightning. Despite the constant thunderstorms and heavy rains that usually cover Fulgur, the planet is habitable. The sole city in Fulgur is built in the lowlands of Fulgur. Houses and huts are no more than a storey high, and there are large lightning poles sticking up around the city to catch any stray bolts. This city although very small, is the capital and is known as Tonitrua.


The planet associated with smoke is not habitable. The air is so thick with smog it would be impossible to see your hand if it were right in front of your face! This smog is very harmful to any who inhale it. The planet’s thick smoky air can be seen from space, it looks almost as if the entire planet is shrouded in smoke. Trees grow without any leaves, and the soil is dull grey color.


Keletenesis used to be the planet of the telepaths, however after their massacre at the hands of the creatures that escaped from the Realm of No Light, the instability caused the planet to split in two and lays broken in the vast expanse of space.


This planet is mostly inhabited by humans. Very few Arians live here. Because of the gigantism of the flora and fauna present within, the planet has been termed the Land of the Giants. There are no Kings or Queens in Grents but a chieftain who deals with any large matters and will meet with the Kings and Queens of the other planets if there is a meeting concerning the fate of Aria. The people of Grents are simple people and lead simple lives, oftentimes not letting the remainder of the planets bother them. Grents has six continents and various small chains of islands.


The planet associated with the element of Seith, is mostly a mining planet, and is habitable. The planet is second largest in the chain of eighteen and contains almost all rare metals found in Aria. Mines were created as a result, and there are so much now that there exists an interconnected underground tunnel in Selet. The mines are usually located outside the cities, which are made of stone and steel. Selet has nine continents which are ruled by jarls. The capital of Selet is called Ferus Arus and is ruled by King Gorgomoth D’aalan.


Ari, the planet of air, is indeed habitable. This planet usually has villages near the mountains as well as along the mountains. Here is the location of the famous Dragon Trainer, Naga. Most settlements are high up in the mountains or hugging the base of the mountains closely. Ari has only three continents and only one city which is located away from the mountains. The sole city, and capital, is known as Ventus and is ruled by Queen Arabella Minx. The people of Ari live quite peacefully but are always ready to give aid to other planets. The populace of Ari specializes in healing and medicines.


The planet of earth is much like Earth before the age of technology. The cities built of wood and stone are scattered far and wide across seven continents each ruled by lords and ladies. Cobblestone streets, dirt paths, lantern-lit alleyways, horse-drawn carriages, dense and dangerous forests are all features of Thear. The capital of Thear is Terra and is ruled by King Girgor James. Here is also the central part of the books as here is where the homestead/villa owned by Baron is located and is where the Guardians of Aria make their home.


This planet is also habitable and consists of extremely tall cliffs, the tops of which are flat and interconnect by wooden bridges. Here is the location of the infamous gates to the Demon Realm. Villages and towns are located atop these cliffs. No one knows what is below these large cliffs for no one has went down and lived to tell about it. Rumors have obviously been spread over the years as to what exists to the bottom of the cliffs, but these are the brainchildren of speculation and nothing more. The capital of Cithareo is La’azuris and is ruled by Queen Gabriella Aurius.


This planet is mainly water and contains only small islands which are scattered throughout the planet. The entirety of Walel hasn’t been explored since portals do not work over large bodies of water. Most islands are large enough for one city, the largest and most concentrated group of islands is regarded as the capital, and this is called Aquarius and is ruled by Queen Marina Clearwater.


The planet of ice is also habitable. Mostly filled with dense forests and plains laden with thick blankets of snow, Cei is a cold and mostly white planet. The capital of Cei is Khione and is ruled by Queen Khione Snow. The castles are made of hardened ice, and the villages made of wood and stone. The planet is also home to a large number of wolves and bears, whose pelts provide a lot of warmth for the harsh environment. Cei is also at war amongst themselves over who should be the rightful ruler of the planet.


This planet is also habitable, and all cities are located underground, in large domes which seal out the atmosphere outside them. The planet itself is roaming with dangerous demons and has harsh weather conditions. As a result, the people of Rashia built their cities under the ground where there existed cavernous tunnels. The cities are encased in clear domes, and the lights of the city illuminate their way. People found in Rashia are usually very pale-skinned and dress oddly. The planet gains a lot of aid from Grents to provide food for the population of Rashia. The capital of Rashia is Aa’raka Zule and is ruled by Queen Allison Rabia. The people of Rashia usually keep to themselves and do not like to interfere in the affairs of the other planets.


This planet cannot be portalled to and as a result no one knows anything about the planet. The planet appears to be white and gold when looked at from space. It is speculated that the Angels reside here and use powerful magic to keep everyone else out.


This planet is shrouded by night most of the time. There is very little day on the planet of darkness, however it is habitable. The plants and trees that grow here have dark purple or black leaves. Moonlight will usually light the way, but other times it is veiled in darkness. The capital of Kessarden is Nyx and is ruled by Queen Violet Nightshade. Kessarden has eight continents and seas of black. Cities are built well away from the black seas for fear of what’s in them. Streetlights in these cities barely cast any light, for it seems as if the darkness snuffs it out and doesn’t give it a chance to breathe.


Imortel is another planet that looks golden like the color of honey. No one has ever set foot within Imortel so one can only speculate what lies within.