Name: Alyssa Selena Harvé

Age: 18

Date of Birth: 7th July

Primary Element: Telepathy

Secondary Element: Orathic


  • Blossom
  • Devourer

Artwork by John Everett Millais “Ophelia”.

This work of art is not a commission for Alyssa, if you are an artist and are interested in commissioning artwork for the novel please contact me at


Alyssa is Christian’s partner and one true love. Her father died in her infancy whilst protecting her from a being known as the Shadow. Her mother died in a freak accident when Alyssa was only nine years old and lost control, leaving her fearful of her telepathic abilities. Alyssa was left damaged and broken, not able to properly harness her telepathic powers until Christian came along and helped to resolve her own internal conflict. After losing him momentarily she stays forever by his side in the fight against evil.

Alyssa is elegant and graceful, a trueborn princess, loyal companion and friend, and one of the greatest warriors in all of Aria. Her composure and quick wit during battle unnerves her opponents and her grace and elegance in her movement and attacks leaves them breathless.

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