Name: Christian James Fletcher

Age: 19

Date of Birth: 5th April

Primary Element: Air, Earth, Water, Light

Secondary Element: Ice, Darkness, Arashi


  • Bel-Ûr, The Blade of Balance
  • Druunilhaaro, The Blade of Might
  • Niranye, The Angel’s Staff


Christian Fletcher is the main protagonist of the story. An intelligent and able boy from Earth who soon discovered that he was not human but Arian. Recruited by Eden he travelled to Aria where he trained alongside fellow Arians under Eden’s tutelage and later learned of his destiny to become the chosen Guardian of Aria. Christian rose to the responsibility and is now battling against the forces of evil to protect Aria as best he can.

Christian is a kind-hearted person with a light and airy personality. Others find themselves trusting him easily. He is extremely good-natured and intelligent but also a determined leader who takes command in tough situations with his quick thinking and excellent problem-solving skills. With his unmatched fighting skill and incredible elemental prowess he is well-suited as a Guardian of Aria.

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