Name: Alice *Blaize

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 9th September

Primary Element: Vaisravana

Secondary Element: Arashi


  • Stinger

Artwork by John Everett Millais “Portrait of Eufemia Effie Gray”. This work of art is not a commission for Alice, if you are an artist and are interested in commissioning artwork for the novel please contact me at


Alice is an orphan who was adopted by a human family, however she does not know this. Since she was incredibly special within the family, she always had a thirst to prove herself and so she entered the Black Church. However, when confronted with the Pale Demon she quails and Christian comes to her rescue. After which she becomes the youngest member of the Saviors. *Note that her last name is not Blaize but it is that of her adopted parents.

Alice is still a child in truth, however she does have a thirst to prove herself. She is naïve and innocent and secretly likes the boys of the Saviors, Christian and Kenji in particular. She takes a liking to Azura and they easily become close friends.

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