Name: Azura Quintessa Florence

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 14th December

Primary Elements: Light & Darkness


  • Day Blade
  • Night Blade


Being the daughter of an Archangel much of Azura’s early life had been a living nightmare. Her father’s torture and hatred caused her to take his life and run away. Having lived in Tligh all her life, she knew of no other Arians and so thought she was the only one with these curses. So she sought the library as a means of finding out more about herself and about her mother. There she encounters Christian Fletcher who saves her life and protects her when no one else would. Forever grateful to Christian she soon became infatuated with him and will fight for him until her death.

Azura exudes confidence and a sarcastic personality as a way of masking her other side. Deep down she is afraid and worried that those that love her would abandon her, but on the outside she is outgoing, brave and confident in herself and her abilities. She will continue fighting as long as she can trust Christian.

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