Name: Kenji Kazushige Samato

Age: 18

Date of Birth: 17th January

Primary Element: Earth

Secondary Element: Lightning


Kenji is the only son of the Samato clan leader, Kazushige Samato. He grew up in a small village in Ari with his sister Layna and his friend Irina. However, one day the three of them travelled down the mountain and into the plains below out of curiosity. Outside the village boundaries they happened upon an old laboratory where Irina found the Mask of Remnants. Putting it on caused Irina to be possessed and alerted the high demon Gaira to their location thereby endangering the village and all within. As punishment, Kenji and Layna were forced to join the Saviors and stay with Baron to learn discipline, Irina was taken by the demon and used to blackmail Kenji.

Kenji, much like his sister, has very high energy. He is youthful, mischievous and playful but he always measures the consequences of his actions after what happened to Irina. Kenji may seem distant at times to hide his true feelings of hurt and loss over Irina, but he keeps a watchful eye on his sister always. Kenji is driven by his determination to keep his sister safe and to rescue Irina from the enemy.

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