Name: Alana Serena Harvé

Age: 20

Date of Birth: 8th June

Primary Element: Sikkhe

Secondary Element: Ice


  • Rose
  • Blood-Drinker


Alana is Alyssa’s older sister and best friend. Alana loves her sister more than anything else and would do anything for her. During their childhood and early teenage years, Alana cared for and looked after her sister, especially due to the nature of Alyssa’s powers she had to learn a great many things to help her sister in later life, including midwifery. The two sisters were always very close, but following Alana’s imprisonment with Demetrius Liberty they have become somewhat distant and Alana lost that wonderful smile and shine in her eyes.

Alana doesn’t share in Alyssa’s grace and etiquette, in fact Alyssa outshines her in all aspects but Alana is never jealous, rather she is always proud and fond of her sister. Alana is extremely playful at times but she is level-headed and can take charge in demanding situations. However, after her imprisonment her demeanor is quite different as she is now more reserved and traumatized.

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