Name: Ouranos Victoria Harvé

Age: 22

Date of Birth: 27th April

Primary Element: Lucros

Secondary Element: Syravia


  • Seducer
  • Thorn


Ouranos Victoria Harvé was born to Eden and Ariadne, Alyssa’s mother. However, after their separation she spent a few years alone with her father and Ariadne remarried James Harvé. When Victoria was five years of age, the Shadow attacked and Alyssa, Alana and Ariadne came to live with them. It was then that Victoria adopted the last name Harvé but she never did like her other sisters. They usually got into fights, and Victoria took pleasure in bullying Alyssa, which is what eventually led to Ariadne’s death after Alyssa lost control of her power. During their teenage years she was still quick to harass Alyssa but never in front of Alana who always stood up to Victoria.

Unlike the other sisters who embody the makings of a trueborn princess, Victoria was given the tools of seduction. She was curvier than her sisters and far more coquettish. Alyssa never approved of Victoria’s behavior.

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