Name: Sacryll Liberty

Age: 23

Date of Birth: 15th November

Primary Element: Fire

Secondary Element: Air


  • Inferno
  • Blaze
  • Fireball


Sacryll was a great friend to both Alyssa and Christian. He was with Alana and always viewed Alyssa as a little sister. Alongside Eric they were a great group of friends and had many adventures together during their time at Eden’s academy. Sacryll sacrificed himself so that the other members of the Academy could escape. He was kept prisoner and eventually executed by Vice to feed the strengthening spell to return Eden to his true power.

Sacryll is light-hearted and cheerful to be around. He was always looking for adventure and was easy to get along with. As an extremely likable person he was friends with everyone and he and Christian were very similar in that aspect. Sacryll was kind, caring, a good friend and an even better brother.

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