Name: Layna Jeanine Samato

Age: 18

Date of Birth: 17th January

Primary Element: Light

Secondary Element: Air

Artwork by Wilhelm Amberg

This work of art is not a commission for Layna, if you are an artist and are interested in commissioning artwork for the novel please contact me at


Layna is the daughter to the head of the Samato clan. After joining the Saviors as punishment for endangering the village, she became obsessed with proving that she was better than her brother in all things. Her competitive streak did not last long as Kenji was better than her at most things, but her hopes were renewed when Alyssa had won the fighter’s tournament. With Alyssa as her inspiration, she seeks to prove that she is a capable and incredible warrior like her brother.

Layna is a fun-loving and energetic character. She loves her brother as much as she likes to compete against him. Though their competition never turns to hostility, she is secretly quite sad that Kenji is better than her at almost anything. With a very bubbly and vivacious spirit she brings a much needed light into these dark times that Aria faces.

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