Name: Nathaniel Shadoweater

Age: N/A

Date of Birth: N/A

Primary Element: Darkness

Secondary Element: N/A



Nathaniel is a servant of the darkness and is loyal only to Vice. He wears the Mask of Semblance, the third of the three masks that were carved from the Divine Trees. His life before becoming a servant both to the mask and to Vice is unknown but the masks grant immortality and so it would be difficult to trace even if one had a mind to. Nathaniel is extremely skilled in swordplay and no one knows what he looks like under his mask, not even Vice.

Nathaniel is not as incensed as Vice and so has a cooler and calmer disposition. He is usually quite level-headed and capable of assessing situations fairly quickly and scrupulously. He dislikes people who are erratic, like Veronica.

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