Name: Vice

Age: N/A

Date of Birth: N/A

Primary Element: Darkness

Secondary Element: N/A


  • Shade
  • Dark Blade


Vice is a creature born out of pure darkness, hatred and chaos. No one knows where this creature came from only that he rivalled Gan-el who was his opposite in every way. His ambition is to kill Gan-el and rid the world of all light and see darkness and chaos reign over the land. However, he is not as powerful as the Archangels and so he has to play lackey to Eden and his plans and so serves as the jailor to his former students and creates a ritual spell in order to resurrect Eden.

Vice is filled with hatred, spite and malice. He cannot ever see light, beauty or love and these things he abhors. He is extremely ruthless and cunning and his power rivals that of the Guardians of Aria.

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