Name: Eden Victor Laurence

Age: 32

Date of Birth: 13th October

Primary Element: Light

Secondary Element: Orathic



Eden Laurence is the Headmaster of Eden’s Academy for Gifted Arians, a school he founded in order to bring together prominent Arians and train them to fight against evil. He worked closely with Lord Baron in the hopes that his students would eventually join the Saviors in a joint effort to protect Aria in times of crisis. However, whilst pursuing this ambition, he discovered that Vice, an agent of the Archangels, was searching for the seals to the Demonic Gate which led to the Demon Realm. Fearing for Aria’s safety he began to collect the seals, however, unbeknownst to him he laid his hands on the key to the Gate which was cursed with a terrifying and extremely powerful Archangelic power which infused itself with his very being.

Eden is extremely clever and is the best fighter in all of Aria. He is the reason why Alyssa is such an excellent and clever fighter. In addition to his abilities he is a wonderful father and mentor to all, and all of the students regarded him as a father figure. Eden was exceptionally kind-hearted and caring but he was known to be strict in his punishments in order to teach his students responsible use of their abilities.

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