Name: Gan-el

Age: N/A

Date of Birth: N/A

Primary Element: Fire, Light

Secondary Element: Air, Earth, Lava


  • Michael’s Favor
  • Starbringer
  • Dragon Blade


Gan-el is an immortal being created by the Greater Angel of Fire, Michael. He was created in order to protect Aria alongside the chosen Guardians of their time. Before Christian’s arrival, he became obsessed with finding the Pearls, ancient and powerful artifacts that seduce the user with the promise of power. After succumbing to a Pearl’s temptation, his friend Ryku saved him and helped him reconsider his decision to seek these artifacts and rejoin the fight for Aria.

Gan-el’s dominion over fire is also a representation of his character, he is incredibly warm and friendly, his fire burns for courage, bravery, passion and the drive to persevere against all odds. Unrelenting in his duty as a Guardian of Aria, Gan-el will continue to fight for all eternity.

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