Name: Gaira Lexons

Age: N/A

Date of Birth: N/A

Primary Element: N/A

Secondary Element: N/A



Gaira is a demon scientist who has a fascination with the artifacts scattered throughout Aria, especially those of the Masks carved from the Divine Trees. The Mask of Revenant was found by Irina when she and the Samatos ventured into his lab in Ari. The Mask of Apathy was found by Ryku and finally the Mask of Semblance by his rival Nathaniel Shadoweater. He joins Eden in order to acquire all three Masks, but why?

Gaira is not a leader and usually likes to follow the lead of others. He is extremely deadly in combat wielding dual swords that can cut through armor as if it were paper. He is not sympathetic nor empathetic towards anyone but he sees their value in a quantifiable way towards his own experiments.

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