Name: Derek Zeller

Age: 18

Date of Birth: 10th August

Primary Element: Fire

Secondary Element: Earth



Derek is the elder twin of the Zellers. He is born to a noble and reputable family which made him a good match for Alyssa. Their marriage was arranged via their parents when Alyssa’s mother was still alive and they only learnt about the engagement when they turned twelve. Derek became instantly infatuated with his bride to be, but with the death of her mother, Alyssa grew very recluse and Derek was not able to break down those barriers she had constructed. This eventually led to a rift between the pair and Alyssa betrayed him by dating Christian behind his back which led Derek to become bitter and resentful toward Christian. However, no matter what, he always loved Alyssa despite her betrayal.

Derek is wonderful to be around, kind, honest and loving, however he did not understand how to get through to Alyssa and Alyssa was only compelled to make the relationship work because of the promise she made to her mother before her passing. After losing her, Derek becomes depressed and joins Eden’s side if only to have a chance to fight against Christian.

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