Name: Arthur Tarrent

Age: 33

Date of Birth: 18th November

Primary Element: N/A

Secondary Element: N/A

Weapons: N/A

Artwork by Knud Begslien

This work of art is not a commission for Sir Tarrent, if you are an artist and are interested in commissioning artwork for the novel please contact me at


Sir Arthur Tarrent served as a Knight in the army of Thear and went on many adventures and battles in his younger days. However, he was recruited by Baron who needed a general for his own army and Sir Tarrent agreed.

Sir Tarrent is a warrior whose only love was for food and drink and the battlefield. In his old age he regrets not taking a wife, but he is still merry and always seeks glory. His defining quality is his incredible strength and is second only to his heart. Sir Tarrent is loyal and brave beyond measure and wishes nothing more than to protect the younger Arians who have joined the Saviors.

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