Name: Takashi Hichiro

Age: 35

Date of Birth: 6th March

Primary Element: Air

Secondary Element: Lightning


Takashi Hichiro was born in Fulgur to a small clan. It was evident at an early age that he showed incredible skills in combat and fighting and so Baron Bancroft came to visit him in his hometown and oversaw some of his training. He was thoroughly impressed but said that he shouldn’t join the Saviors until he was much older. Heeding Baron’s counsel he stayed behind in his village and managed to save it several times from another tribe in Fulgur who were intent on conquest. It was only until he killed the opposing clan leader did he finally return to Baron and joined the Saviors.

Takashi is a very stern and serious person. He is rarely seen smiling or laughing, but focused primarily on the task at hand. Having grown up in a setting of constant conflict has made him tough and weary of war, but as he knows nothing else he will continue to fight for a brighter future. He has great respect for Baron and Christian and rests all his faith and trust in them to see Aria through the turmoil.

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