Character Profile (Yuri Nakama)

Name: Yuri Nakama

Age: 25

Date of Birth: 9th November

Primary Element: Water

Secondary Element: Seith


Artwork by Mikhail Nesterov

This work of art is not a commission for Yuri, if you are an artist and are interested in commissioning artwork for the novel please contact me at


Yuri is the lone daughter of the chief of a smaller clan in Fulgur. Her father sought glory and so tried to take the Hichiro clan but he was subverted and killed by Takashi. Yuri does not harbor any resentment toward Takashi and their clan spared who remained of the Nakama clan, but her mother never remarried. She came to the Saviors when she was nineteen and have been with them ever since.

Yuri is quiet, calm and cool-headed. She is not known to get overly angry, sad or even happy. Yuri has an adoration for Takashi and is very close with Lyra.

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